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One of the main symbols to identify Saint James’ pilgrims is in fact the Shell of St. James which appears in many representations of the material history of pilgrimage.
The logo of the 30th ISSR Conference abstractly joins two shells. The first one points to the different participants of the Conference, which come from all over the world. The Conference is the knot that joins the first to the second one, as a moment of reflection. It is precisely at that very moment that comes up the second shell with a dispersion and plurality movement to assume the current challenges the Conference works on.


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Un 49,2% es partidario de que la clase de religión sea de carácter optativo

Los españoles consideran que la religión ya no es 'muy importante' para la educación de sus hijos

Santiago de Compostela, 30 de julio

La mayoría de los españoles opina que la religión ya no es 'muy importante' para la educación de sus hijos según reflexan los datos del último estudio del Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) en materia de religiosidad. El 50,3% de los encuestados respondió que está 'más bien en desacuerdo' al ser preguntados si la religión es muy importante en la educación de los hijos, frente al 40,3% que estaba 'más bien de acuerdo'.

Presque la moitié des jeunes espagnols se déclarent athées, indifférents ou agnostiques

Pérez-Agote remarque que l’Espagne est en train de perdre ses racines catholiques

Les catalans, les basques et les madrilènes,  surtout, bien que la plupart des jeunes andalous, castellans, valenciens et galiciens se considèrent encore des catholiques
Saint Jacques, 27 juillet 

Un expert critique la “commercialisation” du Chemin de Saint Jacques et la perte des valeurs chrétiennes

Elena Zapponi affirme que “la machine organisationnelle” du Xacobeo laisse que les marcheurs puissent fabriquer leur propre pèlerinage

Saint Jacques, 28 juillet

Elena Zapponi, qui fait des recherches sur la “commercialisation” du Chemin de Saint Jacques, signale que c’est la perte des valeurs chrétiennes ce qui est en train de provoquer, selon elle, une confusion chez les pèlerins qui font la route avec des profonds sentiments religieux.

ISSR Presentation

International Society for the Sociology of ReligionThe ISSR was founded in Leuven, Belgium in 1948 as the "Conférence Internationale de Sociologie Religieuse" (International Conference for Religious Sociology).  The ISSR is dedicated to fostering intellectual exchange between scholars in the social sciences of religion from around the world.

The Society counts more than 500 members from over 50 countries.  It has held many conferences over the years, most recently in Budapest (1993), Quebec (1995), Toulouse (1997), Leuven (1999), Ixtapan de la Sal, México (2001), Turin (2003), Zagreb (2005) and Leipzig (2007).

The 30th International Conference will take place in Santiago de Compostella (Spain) July 27-31, 2009.

Welcome to Saint James

The local committee organizing the 30th Conference of the ISSR/SISR that will soon take place in Saint James welcomes you. For months, we have been working to make enjoyable your visit to our town, and to ensure that conference work will be done in the best conditions. We have lectures and classrooms equipped with all the technological means to allow communication among all participants, either in plenary sessions or thematic, as well as in other activities scheduled. The high number of applicants has raised some infrastructure difficulties, but we believe that all the spaces will be functional to the conference goal. 

First Informations

Conference Venue

The University of Santiago de Compostela will be the venue for the 30th ISSR Conference.

There are two different main sites for the conference. The thematic sessions will take place in the rooms of the “Facultad de Ciencias Políticas” and of the Facultad de Derecho building (University of Santiago de Compostela), where you will also find the registration desk and Internet facilities.

Spanish language in the conference

Decisions taken by the council concerning the use of the Spanish language at the conference:
  1. There will be a simultaneous translation in Spanish paid by the Local Committee at the Opening session and the two Plenary sessions. The text of the speakers in the plenary sessions will be projected by power point and scrolled down.
  2. The Spanish language may be used in some Thematic Sessions, but we should avoid exclusive Spanish sessions. Indeed, this would not promote interaction with other language groups. Papers presented in Spanish should be accompanied with an English and a French text – at least an extensive summary – projected on a screen and scrolled down during the presentation.

The Challenges Of Religious Pluralism

30th International Conference of ISSR

Santiago de Compostela (Spain), 27-31 July 2009

Religious diversity is a constant feature of human societies. When the very existence and the understanding of this diversity become the subject of contestation, as has been the case in contemporary societies, we can speak of the challenges of religious pluralism. The [2009 conference of the ISSR] seeks to contribute to the sociological analysis of religious pluralism and its common understandings. The conference will include a wide range of possible approaches and will pay particular attention to both the ways in which religion adapts to the context of religious pluralism and to the ways in which contemporary societies respond.

Conference Location

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Faculty of Political Science and Faculty of Law
University of Santiago de Compostela